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Art Recherche Industrie is an art direction agency active in major aesthetic fields (architecture, typography, graphic design, photography, writing, product development, development of brand philosophies, redefinition of identities). It distinguishes itself by an original modus operandi: advocating home-made and zero-outsourcing. The agency works under the direction of Ramdane Touhami.

Art Recherche Industrie – Showreel


Creation of a moisturizing body lotion providing comfort and suppleness to all skin types, called “Lait Virginal”. Light and effective, this perfumed superfine milk is inspired by ancestral beauty recipes. Development of an octagonal bichromatic label with golden embossing. Design Ramdane Touhami for Art Recherche Industrie.


Creation of the water-based skin fragrance: it does not dry out or unbalance the skin. Customer assistance on the product formulation, factory development, regulatory aspects and packaging. Over the years, many changes have occurred: scent, bottle, labels, cap, screw thread. Today, 12 references are commercialized mixing old notes and innovative composition. Design Ramdane Touhami for Art Recherche Industrie.

ARI – Font design

Originally designed by William Caslon in the 18th century, the Caslon Universelle is a more contemporary reinterpretation of this great typographic classic.Design Ramdane Touhami for Art Recherche Industrie.


Writing, layout and artistic direction of “Synesthesia”, the first issue of Corpus magazine, dedicated to the beauty of body and mind. An independent set of documents, interviews, short essays, photographic portfolios, narratives with the ambition to find another tone, other tracks, to awaken the beauty and bring it the same appeal as fashion. Design Ramdane Touhami for Art Recherche Industrie.

ARI – Font design

Tribute and typographic re-creation, based on a trailer made by a letters painter in the 1960s. The “Truffaut” typeface appears on business cards, is featured on the letterheads of correspondence for l’Officine Universelle Buly and adorns the titles of its new website. Design Ramdane Touhami for Art Recherche Industrie.


Artistic director of a restaurant nestled in the Kasbah of Tangier. The three floors of this private mansion have been transformed from the ground floor to the roof terrace: architecture and interior decoration, furniture, azulejos drawings imitating old nautical charts, creation of crockery with African weapons, design of menus and animation of the space … For a whole year, the African became the “place to be” for all travellers passing through the Moroccan port. Design Ramdane Touhami for Art Recherche Industrie.


At the request of Philippe Parreno and Hans Ulbrich Obrist, creation of costumes for the opera “”Tiempo Del Postino”” in Manchester. Designs and development of the costumes will be done in close collaboration with renowned artists such as Douglas Gordon, Carsten Holler, Pierre Hyugues, Matthew Barney. Design Ramdane Touhami for Art Recherche Industrie.


In 2006, Ramdane Touhami revamped the Trudon wax factory, founded in 1643. After immersing himself in the company’s history, Ramdane Touhami perfected the product, which became entirely natural. The company’s strategies are re-interpreted according to the modern market. Creation of the bell candle for which he wins the Design Award in 2011. Design Ramdane Touhami for Art Recherche Industrie.